Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time is the actual hands on massage?
A: During the initial session we first take a consultation – then guide you into a more sensory awareness. The Hands-On lasts 2 hours – we allow integration time afterwards as often people don’t want to come back from the bliss that they are in!!
Q: Can it help with pain?
A: Yes, although this is not our primary aim. Not only does the session work on the physical body but also opens you to a deep state of relaxation in which the body can unwind and release, creating balance in the body where healing can occur.
Q: Do you offer shorter sessions?
A: We have found that for this level of work 2 & 1/2 hours is needed. We can offer shorter sessions depending on the circumstances. This changes some of the nature of the process – please contact us about this.
Q: Are the therapists naked during a session?
A: No – the sessions are about you deepening into the awareness of your own body.
Q: Do I have to be naked to receive the session?
A: No – knickers or pants can be left on if it makes you feel more comfortable – and we can keep you covered with a cloth to some degree. However, it is easier to work your hips and buttocks to give the long full body strokes when no underwear is worn.