Massage Styles

We guide your awareness through your body, meeting your levels of resistance and sometimes pain and take you through to a place of profound stillness and peace – your true nature. We tune in to your body’s innate intelligence, and moved by this, we work to the level that your body needs – not what your mind thinks it needs. It is not an entirely passive treatment – we work together – the more you participate, the more you trust, the more you let go, the deeper you go.

Each ‘massage experience’ with Pete and Kalindi lasts 2 & 1/2 hours and includes 2 hours of actual massage time.

The Synergy Four-Hands Massage Experience

This is a uniquely blended bodywork session intuitively taking the most effective techniques from bodywork systems from around the world. Integrating subtle energy work, bodywork, breath-work and guided awareness. It takes you beyond your mind into deeply embodied presence.

Synergy Lomi Lomi Four-Hands Massage Experience

These sessions use our integrative approach with Hawaiian Lomi techniques of long sweeping strokes in a wave like flow. Leaving you with the sense of being cradled and held by the universe. This is received with you laying on an oiled couch so that we can massage both front and back of your body at the same time.

Synergy Intimate Four-Hands Massage Experience for Women

This is bodywork at it’s most sacred. We massage you completely from head to toe, connecting your whole body, missing nothing, creating a clear and safe space for you to contact and explore those parts of yourself that other massages miss out. This leaves you feeling fully embodied, fully connected and fully in the love of yourself. This is not a sexual service – it is the culmination of extensive therapeutic and sacred intimacy training.

Sessions with individual therapists

We also offer the same sessions as above as a 2 hands experience ( one therapist ). These can also be shortened to a 2 hour session – please contact us for details.

The benefits of regular bodywork are cumulative

The more you have the more effective it becomes for you. Our clients have found that by having regular sessions their lives have transformed in more areas than they had imagined. We only have one life and one body and our bodywork sessions help you to experience the best life can offer.

The more in harmony we are with our selves, the more we can bring inspiration into our lives and our workplace, increasing financial abundance, creating intimate loving relationships, being fully present with family and friends and enabling us to share our beauty with the world.

N.B. Please drink at least two litres of water per day for at least three days before the treatment – it is a deeply cleansing treatment and your hydration levels will affect your experience of this.

Whether you are an experienced bodywork receiver or are new to massage please take the time to read ‘how to receive bodywork‘ as it sets out what to expect from us, what we expect from you and gives you invaluable tips on how to gain the most from your bodywork session.