Why Us

Together we have nearly four decades of experience as body workers, meditators and energy workers.

We are trained in several powerful styles of bodywork, energy work, breath work and esoteric practice – through this we have created Synergy Bodywork which is the culmination of what we have experienced to be the most effective therapeutic techniques and awareness practices from around the world.

This unique wisdom enables us to give you exactly what you need, to guide your awareness and take you to a deeper experience and understanding of yourself.

We have treated clients from all walks of life from people in poverty stricken areas of the far east to royalty, sultans, showbiz and sports celebrities, prominent spiritual teachers and even the head of a religion.

Peter began his training in 1992 and has practised and taught bodywork and energy work since 1995 – thousands of people have gained insight from his training and bodywork. During this time he has gained understanding of a wide variety of people and body types – he will most┬ádefinitely know how to approach yours.

Kalindi began her training in 1993 and lived with a Kundalini Master for 3 years. Through devoted personal practice and ‘awakenings’ she has gained deep understanding of peoples energy systems due to nearly two decades of exploring her own and others energy. Through her capacity to see your energy system, she can profoundly influence the session to suit your highest needs.